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Evan Moss Carter


Laboratory Technician

Evan joined the lab in April 2021, providing research support and maintaining the lab. He is investigating the spatiotemporal regulation of chemokine receptors in inflamed tissue. In January 2022 he was admitted as a part-time master's degree student at Harvard University Extension School, where he studies biology.


Born in Chicago and raised near Northwestern University, Evan first participated in research during a rotation program in NU's Center for Reproductive Science. He independently conducted health psychology research on sleep disruption and stress while an undergraduate at Syracuse, and worked in the Behavioral Medicine Research Group/Pain & Addiction Research (PAR) Lab directed by Dr. Joseph W. Ditre. He also has 5 years of clinical experience as a technician in emergency medicine and cardiology.


Between class and lab, Evan enjoys playing chess, painting, and spending weekends in the Adirondacks.

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