Shiveen Kumar



Shiveen is a Junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with a strong interest in immunology. Specifically, autoimmune diseases and the regulation of auto-reactive T cells.

Shiveen has previously researched nanoparticle synthesis and worked with gold, silver, and platinum nanoparticles, and is now transferring his skills to immunology research. As an aspiring physician, Shiveen is on a pre-med track and is interested in the intersection of healthcare and computers, and medical fields such as radiology.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Shiveen is a big music person and loves finding new music on Spotify and sharing music with friends. Shiveen is also an avid sports car enthusiast and likes to keep up to date with the automotive industry and new sport car models. You can find him listening to Spotify or reading a Road & Track magazine in his free time.

Shiveen Kumar