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Alexander McGurk


PhD Candidate

My name is Alex McGurk, a third-year graduate student at Cornell University and part of the lab of Dr. Deborah Fowell. I completed my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Connecticut College, and originally began my PhD at the University of Rochester before transferring institutions along with Dr. Fowell.

While our lab is generally interested in the positioning of immune cells, my work specifically seeks to elucidate the main cellular components of the perivascular CXCL10+ peripheral T cell activation niches described in Prizant et al. (2021).

Outside of lab some of my main passions include soccer, sailing, and skiing. I’m also a huge dog lover and love spending time outdoors.

Prizant, H., Patil, N., Negatu, S., Bala, N., McGurk, A., Leddon, S. A., Hughson, A., McRae, T. D., Gao, Y. R., Livingstone, A. M., Groom, J. R., Luster, A. D., & Fowell, D. J. (2021). CXCL10+ peripheral activation niches couple preferred sites of Th1 entry with optimal APC encounter. Cell reports, 36(6), 109523.

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