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Research Projects


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CD4 T Cell Motility in Inflamed Tissues

CD4 T Cell Motility in Inflamed Tissues

Cell migration is determined by the cell-intrinsic machinery for motility such as integrins, actin regulators and chemokine receptors and by the extrinsic composition of the extracellular matrix. The way in which effector CD4 T cells navigate through inflamed interstitial tissue at sites of infection is not well understood.

Spatiotemporal Control of Effector Function in Infected Tissues

Spatiotemporal Control of Effector Function in Infected Tissues

The molecular control of CD4 differentiation into functionally distinct effector lineages has been extensively studied but the fate of the effector T cells once they leave the lymph node is less well understood. We are interested in how the inflammatory milieu at sites of infection and autoimmune attack may modify the effector function of CD4+ T cells.

Perivascular Activation Niches

Perivascular Activation Niches

Despite a random pattern of T cell migration in the lymph node and peripheral tissues, T cell activation shows a high degree of spatial preference. We have identified a perivascular activation niche in the inflamed skin that links Th1 tissue entry with early activation.

Tfh Control of the Germinal Center Response

Tfh Control of the Germinal Center Response

Key to successful vaccination is the development of high affinity antibody production. T follicular helper (Tfh) cells play an essential role in regulating B cell affinity maturation in the germinal center of the lymph node. We are interested in the spatial cues that regulate Tfh germinal center retention and in understanding the temporal requirements for Tfh support of long-lived plasma cell generation.

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