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Tiago Zilch


PhD Candidate

Tiago completed his B.S. in Chemical Engineering in Brazil, and his M.Sc. in Animal Sciences with emphasis in Human and Animal Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases at Cornell University.

During his first year as a PhD student in the Biomedical and Biological Sciences at Cornell University, Tiago rotated in the Fowell Lab where he studied the development of immune responses in the lymph nodes through the interaction of T follicular helper cells (TFH) and B cells.

Tiago joined the Fowell Lab and now investigates the importance of TFH help (and its signals, markers and ligands) of the outcome of the germinal center (antibodies, memory B cells, class-switched B cells, long-lived plasma cells, and TFH memory cells) using different animal models.

Outside the lab, Tiago enjoys hiking, gardening, cooking, playing with his dog Harley, and watching Sci-Fi movies.

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